About Us

We are just few simple people who love Bahadarpur.

We may be far away physically from our native land but our hearts are still in Bahadarpur. Bahadarpur- the town, the friends and the family we left behind- they are always in our thoughts and prayers.

We hope that this endeavor will provide the fuel to keep that flame of love burning brightly and warmly in our hearts. We hope that this medium of modern communication will bring all Bahadarpuris closer to each other and to Bahadarpur.

Your goodwill and constructive comments are not only welcome but are requisite to make this forum instructive, entertaining and culturally redeeming for all of us. Think of this as your personal link between your childhood and your children, who may know of Bahadarpur only in abstract. Think of this as your personal liaison between the people you love but had to leave behind and your future, your children.

We hope to add more valuable features to this site as the time goes by to make it a real community where real people congregate. If you have any old pictures of our town and our streets, of people and places, of families and festivities; we would love to showcase them on our site for all of us to enjoy.

Finding out what people on Bahadarpur.